POPTOP-Bedrock American Music

From Phoenix AZ


3 men • 3 beers • 3 chords • 3 minutes

3 – it’s a magic number

Rock’n’Roll • Soul •  R&B • Surf
Party music… that’s familiar and different.

Fun, high energy, and danceable

Veteran musicians of several popular local and regional bands-

Sistahs Too,  Big Nick and The Gila Monsters, Starr, Neckbone,

The Vibe, The Chocolate Walrus, Velvet Radio, and The Egomaniacs

Welcome to our website – We are glad you’re here!


Mountain View Pub • 6PM Saturday January 20

Rhythm Room with Sistahs Too • Friday January 26



Photo by Arlienne Scofield
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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Den! Great running into you today. Been so long, too long. Nice seeing you bro. I got Janey’s on my calendar!! Looking forward to your show.


  2. Enjoyed listening to you at Janey’s tonight. Nice chatting with you Dawn and Rocky. I hope to catch up with you again sometime.

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