Blue Collar American Music

From Phoenix AZ


3 men • 3 beers • 3 chords • 3 minutes

When you like some Rock, Soul, Country and Surf in your Blues

Party music… that’s familiar and different.

Fun, high energy, and danceable entertainment.

Veteran musicians with attitude, a plan, great equipment and a 100% rehire rate.

Welcome to our website – We are glad you’re here!

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Yucca Tap Room • 1PM Saturday March 21

Poptop has decided to cancel this performance because of the risk of the Covid19 Virus.

Yucca Tap Room • 1PM Saturday April 25

“Nothing typical about these guys, you have three veterans of several bands around town that include Sistahs Too, Big Nick and The Gila Monsters, Starr, Neckbone, The Vibe, The Chocolate Walrus, Velvet Radio and The Egomaniacs. The trio …not only know how to play and play really, really well, all three also trade off on the vocals to create a great experience live perfect for getting out on the dance floor. If you just like to kick back and watch a band that delivers a tight set they are perfect in that respect as well.” Silver Platter 

Photo by Arlienne Scofield
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Video courtesy of Kevin Wilson, Cool Guy!

by Kevin Causey, Cave Creek Music, also a cool guy!