POPTOP:  A damn good band.

Most bands profess their influences, inspirations and the story that music has been their life since they were children and this is what they were born to do, yadayadayada-  and then they play the same popular songs that EVERYONE ELSE PLAYS-

We do not do that.  You can get that anywhere. We play music that no one else is playing but should be played- fun dance music! We are an Americana act, which we bill as American Music. We do stray across the Americana boundaries, and we do well with audiences of every age.

We are a change of pace, something different for your regular audience, that they will enjoy- even if they don’t dance.  We have a 100% rehire rate.

Professional, talented, down to Earth people who are pro musicians • Everyone sings • Excellent equipment • On time • Will play at any volume level. • And still sound good.

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pic by Elena Thornton

Poptop after performing at The Musical Instrument Museum in Phx AZ with Sistahs Too


silverplatter.com says:

“Nothing typical about these guys, you have three veterans of several bands around town that include Sistahs Too, Big Nick and The Gila Monsters, Starr, Neckbone, The Vibe, The Chocolate Walrus, Velvet Radio and The Egomaniacs. The trio …not only know how to play and play really, really well, all three also trade off on the vocals to create a great experience live perfect for getting out on the dance floor. If you just like to kick back and watch a band that delivers a tight set they are perfect in that respect as well.”   (http://silverplatter.info/shows/60611)

Pic by Gary Wright, Poptop at The Yucca Taproom in Tempe AZ

A couple songs courtesy of Kevin Wilson. Poptop at The Lounge, a small 50 seat venue in Sunnyslope AZ

Video courtesy of Kevin Causey of Cave creek Music, Poptop at the Mountain view Pub, a 250 seat venue in Cave Creek.